Make Winter Romantic & Cozy with Licking/Knox Goodwill Finds

Giving your home cozy touches doesn't have to be expensive. Try shopping these secondhand suggestions at our Licking/Knox Goodwill stores to cozy up your winter!

Quilts & Throws

Nothing can make the winter months more relaxing than having pre-loved quilts and throws available throughout your home. Whether tossed over a couch or chair, or folded and displayed on a chest, there are many ways to showcase secondhand quilts and throws. You can even hang a quilt on the wall for an artful touch!

Travel Books & Magazines

Daydreaming about traveling this year? Missing warmer weather? Keeping secondhand travel books on your coffee table will offer some added comfort during the colder months. Books with images of maps can inspire your future adventures. Our Goodwill stores in Licking and Knox counties receive book donations on a regular basis, and browsing used books is a wonderful pastime on a cold winter day. Goodwill might not be the first place you would think of when you feel a sense of wanderlust, especially with Google right at our fingertips. Yet there is something warm and nostalgic about having secondhand picture books on the table. Secondhand books become conversation pieces when guests come over -- a great alternative to television!

DIY | Winter Photo in a Secondhand Frame

Save money on art by framing your own winter photos this season! Exercise your creativity by creating a series of winter images with the camera of your choice, then showcase them in beautiful secondhand frames. Try making a winter photo collage or an enlargement of your favorite photo. Licking/Knox Goodwill stores regularly receive framed art donations, and the art inside can be easily swapped out with your own.

DIY | Centerpiece in a Secondhand Vase

Why spend $20+ on a new decorative vase when you can find many used vases for less than $5 at Licking/Knox Goodwill stores? Your backyard is the perfect place to cut twigs and assorted winter foliage to create a custom centerpiece. Add in fresh flowers from a local florist if you'd like, but even a simple arrangement with bare twigs will add a beautiful touch to any room (and they're 100% free when you gather them yourself). Bonus Tip: If you're extra-creative, try spray painting the branches white, silver, or gold.

Candles + Candleholders

You can never have too many candles. In fact the more candles you add to a room, the dreamier the room becomes! Out of all the suggestions on this list, candles are the easiest and most versatile. Based on 2020 favorites among customers, the present cost for a good quality, scented 8oz - 16oz candle is anywhere from $8 - $36. If you add a candle to every room in the house, the price adds up fast. At Licking/Knox Goodwill stores you can find a variety of styles, sizes, and fragrances for a fraction of the price.

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