5 Ways to Make Your Meals More Meaningful

It feels amazing anytime you get to sit down to a warm meal, especially when it is shared with loved ones. Consider serving up memorable meals this month by making your table settings extra special. With donations coming in daily, Licking/Knox Goodwill stores are the perfect place to create dining experiences that will stir hearts when you sit together at the table.


Tablecloths are the perfect touch to dress up your table, and give your setting a whole new look with little effort. Since spills and stains are inevitable while dining, secondhand linens are an excellent choice for everyday dining.

Unique Dinnerware

At Licking/Knox Goodwill stores, there is never a shortage of secondhand dinnerware. As you grow your collection of specially selected bowls, plates, and serving dishes, you can create everything from farmhouse eclectic looks to elegant place settings. Some of the most beautiful handmade artisan dishes are donated to our stores. It's so much fun to look through the newly displayed wares and choose just the right elements to create a memorable dining experience for your family and guests.

Fancy Cups

When is the last time you drank water out of a wine glass? Little touches like these will not only be unforgettable, but also show how much you care.

Dessert on Display

When you bring a surprise dessert to the table, it brightens up the mood! Make your loved ones feel sweet when their treats are presented in a beautiful way. Consider tins, boxes, individual vintage plates, or beautiful serving trays that will make your guests want to pull out their phones and snap a photo to share the memory!

Bread in a Basket

When you visit a nice restaurant, it's always a treat when the bread basket arrives. Try mimicking the experience at home with a cute basket lined with decorative linens. It will show thoughtfulness and keep your bread warm at the same time.


You can thrift at Licking/Knox Goodwill for one or all of the items mentioned in this post to create memorable meal experiences. Afterall, it will be something to look forward to during these last few weeks of Winter!

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